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Shredding Solutions

Posted March 24, 2011

Covert Shredding is your solution for document destruction.
Every organization is required to comply with laws and regulations requiring they protect information and destroy it to protect employees and customers.

• FACTA- The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
• GLB- The Graham-Leach-Billey Act
• HIPAA- The Health Insurance Portability and Accounting

These laws are designed to protect against identity theft, protect privacy and guard against consumer fraud. These laws apply to almost every enterprise in the United States. H.I.P.A.A. has become a major part of the day to day workings in the medical community. Covert Shredding is here to help over see absolute compliance with locked containers placed in convenient locations in your facility. We arrive and shred your paper off-site, and provide you with a certificate showing the documents were destroyed.

Covert Shredding
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