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V1 Pro 2010 - Single Camera License

Posted March 3, 2011

Get Social with V1 Pro 2010 Available Now!

Social Marketing Made Simple
V1 Pro 2010 upgrades Branded Academies by providing settings allowing you to automatically post video lessons and drills from your V1 Pro directly to your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

“Live Record” for Real-time Instruction
Record an online lesson by compare live streaming video to pre-recorded videos for real-time instruction and feedback.

Single Upload to Multiple Emails
V1 Pro 2010 allows you to send a single video to multiple email addresses. Perfect for sending drills of the week, event announcements and general information to a group of people.

Branded Academy Includes V1 Pro
V1 Pro 2010 comes with every Branded Academy giving you latest technology and social marketing tools to deliver effective sports video analysis to students and reach thousands of prospective customers at the same time for only $100/mo!

Always Up to Date
You V1 Pro software regularly checks for updates and automatically downloads them. Plus Branded Academy clients will always have the latest version of V1 Pro. So in a sense, your V1 Pro gets better with age.