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Caterpillar Bracelet

Posted October 11, 2010

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Each of my Caterpillar Bracelets takes hours to make. They are made using triangle beads so that the light hits and refracts in different directions. No two bracelets are alike. Each bracelet comes in a box with a print out of how many beads were used to create it and approximately how long it took to make. Each bracelet is a precise, made to fit bracelet.

Each Caterpillar Bracelet is made using four different colored triangle beads. The back of the bracelet is made out of silver-lined seed beads.

This bracelet measures 8 inches long and it is made using roughly 1000 beads! It lays on the wrist at 1 inch wide.

These bracelets make wonderful additions to anyone's jewelry collection. They are fun and totally unique!